About us

Auri Nutra Inc. is a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements and nutritional products. We are located in Long Island in New York State, USA. Our goal is to improve the health of the people around the world through quality food supplements and nutritional products. We are committed to quality and never compromise on the quality of our products. While it is very important for us to get the best raw materials, we also make sure that the products that come out of our facilities are always of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality assures that our customers will be provided with the most effective formulations produced under strict quality control standards. Our guarantee is that Auri Nutra will always stand behind its products.
Our research team works with nutritional scientists and pharmacists to innovate and develop new formulas for best results of our products. Our scientists work consistently for gradual improvement of existing formulas for better efficiency and better results.
We ensure best ingredients, natural products, organic materials where available, highest industrial hygienic standards, GMP standards, and thus guarantee the best quality products for better prevention and good health.
We are involved in the community for better health, sustainable environment, job opportunity and most of all, providing support for educational development of underprivileged ones.
We are partnering for internship opportunities for students to develop their skills and future developments.
We provide best work place for employees for their career growth and satisfaction and ensure equal opportunities for all.
As a leading manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, our team always search for the natural ingredients from ‘Mother Nature’ which are used by human being for hundreds of years for cure and prevention of diseases, and put them in formulation for the best supportive health products.
Our commitment to quality makes us one of the best in the industry.