Our manufacturing capabilities include the production of tablets, capsules, and powders. we continuously upgrade our machinery to make our production line efficient. Our production takes place in our long Island location with over 20,000 SF of clean production space. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest tablet compression and encapsulation machinery. Product testing, blending, dispensary and packaging are all done on-site within our extensive clean room facility.
Auri Nutra Inc. has complete manufacturing capability at its own FDA-registered cGMP facility located in Long Island, New York. The facility comprises all aspects of the manufacturing process. Having understood the importance of faster TAT(Turn Around Time) for customers, our experience in process expeditions and scrutinization helps accelerate the manufacturing process, keeping the core quality value intact within the product. This in turn puts us in a unique position in the industry. Our qualified Product Development Scientists offer the highest quality of customized product formulations as required by customers. Auri Nutra Inc. capabilities include:
• Nutritional supplement tablets of all shapes(e.g. Oval, Round, Caplet, almond, pentagon, etc)
• Chewable with cascading variety of luscious flavors in animal shapes for kids and adults
• All kinds of coating(e.g. sugar, film, glaze, enteric, etc)
• Organic Nutritional Supplements
• Hard Gelatin and Veggie Capsule of size “1″, “2″, “3″ “00″, “0″
• Nutritional Powder Blends
Our special formulas include
• Weight Loss and Diet Supplements
• Brain Booster Formulas
• Eye Health Formulas
• Hair nail & skin
• Protein powder
• Join pain
• Sport formulas
• Men Power Formulas